Cross Dressed Husband: A Well Kept Secret

When you see happy couples going out and doing such things together as dining, dancing, attending a play or a movie, and any other normal dating activities, you would be surprised at just how many of these couples include a cross dressed husband. That’s right; many of the husbands you see out holding hands with their wives and acting all manly are actually wearing a pretty pink chemise and stockings held up by garters underneath their business suits. Just watching them gives you no idea that this is going on. What’s more is that when this couple gets home after their night out, he’s going to most likely get into some even sexier and more comfortable lingerie.

When it comes down to it, a cross dressed husband is one of the best kept secrets in most social circles. The reason for this is that most people wouldn’t be very accepting of a lifestyle such as this. Those that don’t participate in this type of kink don’t understand the reason behind it. Men that never have worn women’s clothing simply don’t get it. They also assume that men who enjoy dressing up in their wives’ clothes must be gay and are just still in the closet. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A man that becomes a cross dressed husband typically has either been doing it most of his life or he has yearned to do it for a long time. Rarely is this something that just suddenly surfaces overnight. These men don’t wake up one morning and decide that they’re going to dig around in their wives’ closets that day and find some of her clothes that will fit them. This is a feeling that has been fed over the years and, once they’re around female clothing all the time, suddenly a door goes from being simply cracked to being blown wide open.

Once the little itch becomes a full passion, there’s little that will stop a cross dressed husband from indulging in the sorts of kinky activities that he’s always wanted. Just a taste will be enough to lead into a complete meal of going totally over to the feminine side. Something that often happens is that the husband will be kidding around and try on his wife’s panties. He feels the sensuous sensation of the silky material against his skin and doesn’t want to ever take those panties off.


What usually happens next is that the cross dressed husband will decide to sneak another item of clothing from his wife’s closet. It can be something like a chemise or slip. He enjoys wearing these items so much that he starts to put them on every time his wife is away. Ultimately, the event that he’s been dreading the most happens. That event is when his wife comes home unexpectedly to find him lounging in her baby doll nightie and matching mules. He was so caught up in the moment that he had no clue she had returned until he hears a gasp coming from the doorway.

At this point, there are a few various scenarios that can happen. The one that the cross dressed husband fears most is that his wife will be horrified and appalled and will leave him, taking her clothes with her. Another version of this is that, at first, the wife is really shocked but she sits down and they talk about it. Then, there’s the scenario where the wife says something along the lines of “Finally! I wondered how long it would take for you to let me know about this side of you.” The last two of these reactions can be worked with because the wife is actually interested in why the husband wants to wear her clothes.

Now, if she’s willing to talk about him being a cross dressed husband, chances are pretty good that she can be lured into a little playing herself. She’ll get all into it and even help her husband choose the right women’s wear for him. They may even go shopping together and pretend the clothing is for her or something so that he can actually choose the garments he wants. Once they get back home from shopping, he can put on a fashion show for his wife. Needless to say, this can generate a lot of heat between the two of them and it can be a form of foreplay.

In the final scenario, the wife has probably guessed that she has a cross dressed husband who has been playing in her lingerie drawer. In fact, she may have deliberately sneaked back home early so that she has a chance to catch him wearing her panties. At any rate, she walks in and finds him dressed to the nines in her lingerie and dressing gown. This wife probably finds the whole thing somewhere between amusing and exciting. The discovery may even be the opening to a domination/submission lifestyle with her being dominate over him. She would be choosing his clothes to be a real cross dressed husband and making him wear them when SHE wants him to wear them.

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A cross dressed husband really has nothing to be ashamed of, although most men living this lifestyle choose to keep that secret to themselves and their partners. However, that’s part of the fun. You never know when you look at someone exactly what they’re wearing underneath their normal outside clothing. It can be pretty exciting to the men playing this game to know that they’re conducting a huge presentation while wearing a nice pair of pink silk bikini panties under their business suit.


Many men of all gender preferences are cross dressing but one of the most progressive communities are the cross dressed husband and the wife that is into it. Being a cross dressed husband is all about exploring the boundaries of gender identifications and men getting in touch with their feminine side.

You find that the cross dressed husband tends to be the most authentic about becoming  as feminine as possible. One of the reasons for that is many of their wives are into the feminization of their cross dressed husband.  One of the most interesting products and popular products for cross dressers and transsexuals are the male to female transformation designs from Koalaswim Link Mens swimwear.

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Becoming a Cross Dressed Husband

Who would ever have thought that I would be a cross dressed husband? Certainly not me, that’s for sure. When I got married, I figured that I would join the ranks of husbands that went to work every day, came home and helped around the house, then had dinner and watched television with my wife until we went to bed. I thought I would have Saturdays or Sundays to watch sports events with my buddies and then the other day would be spent with my wife having a romantic night. Yeah, I had it all figured out. That all changed pretty quickly, though.

When I figured out that my life was going to be just a little different in the role of a cross dressed husband, it came as a total surprise. It started on weekend while my wife, Suzanne, was away. She had to go away on a business trip and wasn’t going to be back until late Saturday. Since I didn’t have anything planned for that weekend, I decided that I would just kick back for most of the time she was gone. Granted, I did decide to do some laundry because I wanted to surprise Suzanne. She usually did the laundry on the weekends and figured that she would have to do it when she got back home.

As I was separating the whites from colors and delicate wear from everything else, I started noticing just how PRETTY Suzanne’s panties were. Now, I wasn’t planning to become a cross dressed husband, but these were so pretty and felt so nice in my hands that I suddenly got the urge to try them on. Before I could change my mind, I raced into the bedroom and stripped off my jeans and sensible boxers. Then, I carefully put them on, one leg at a time. Obviously, they were more than a bit tight fitting, but they still felt absolutely WONDERFUL once they were in place.

I should be so embarrassed to say this, but I did posture and prance around in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom. It was obvious that I didn’t look as attractive in Suzanne’s panties as she did. Actually, I can’t think of a cross dressed husband that WOULD, but I DID love the way they felt. That silky feeling against my bare skin was like nothing that I had never experienced before in my life. In fact, it was SUCH an amazing sensation that I decided to wear them around for a little while.

So, I put my jeans back on over these panties and went about finishing up the laundry. I had just put the last load into the dryer when the doorbell rang. It was difficult not to feel guilty because I was wearing those panties even though they couldn’t be seen. What made it even worse was that my visitor was Jason, my best friend. He would have disowned me if he knew I was becoming a cross dressed husband. However, I didn’t even realize it myself at that moment. All I knew is that I was wearing a pair of my wife’s panties under my jeans and now my best friend was standing at the door.

Of course, I invited him to come inside. It would have looked weird otherwise. I offered him a beer, which he accepted, and then asked me if he could watch the game with me. Even though I had wanted to spend some time alone with my new found pleasure, I said sure and invited him to sit down. Even though I was feeling like a cross dressed husband the whole time, we had a lot of fun watching the game, knocking back a few beers and ordered pizza. It was pretty late when he left, which was ok since Suzanne had called to tell me that her flight home was going to be delayed until morning.

Feeling more than a bit buzzed, I headed into the bedroom and started to strip. That’s when I remembered that I was wearing a pair of Suzanne’s panties. I like to blame it on the beer but I started to become mentally curious about how her nighties would feel. I just knew that I was turning into a cross dressed husband when I went to her closet and started to sort through her sexier lingerie. I came upon a short little nighty that was a bit full and see through. This should do, I thought, as I pulled it from the hanger.

Taking the nighty with me back into the bedroom, I stopped in front of the full length mirror again and slipped it over my head. When I saw myself wearing this, I was instantly mesmerized. It was so beautiful! I never wanted to take it off! It also made me feel so sensuous. Even though I didn’t feel like a cross dressed husband yet, I fell into bed wearing both the panties and the nighty.

That was a huge mistake. The next thing I knew, the sun was shining brightly into the bedroom and Suzanne was standing over me with a very odd look on her face. I blinked a few times and shaded my eyes with my hand as I gazed up at her.

“Hey baby,” I managed to croak out. “It’s so great to have you home.”

“Is that right?” Suzanne asked in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

“What?” I asked.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me,” she asked.

Having forgotten all about my foray into the arena of a cross dressed husband, I was still playing dumb.

“Umm, like what?”

“Oh I don’t know! Maybe you could start with why you’re wearing MY nightgown and panties!”

Oh hell! I looked down at myself and saw that I was, indeed, still all dressed up like a queen. To make matters even worse, underneath those panties, I was a sporting a boner that would have made King Kong proud. Of course, it was because I had just waked up, but how was I going to explain that?

“Baby, it’s not what you think,” I began.

“Not what I think? Ok, so you’re really NOT a cross dressed husband and this is all in my imagination?” She was getting a little on the hysterical side.

“Cross dressed….WHAT? NO!” I yelled. “Seriously, it’s not like that! Just let me tell you what happened.”

She calmed down enough to let me explain how it had all happened. By the time I had told her the full story, she was doubled over in laughter with tears streaming down her face. Of course, she was focused solely on Jason being there while I was wearing her panties and what he would have said if he had found out. I already knew that he would have jumped to the conclusion that I was a cross dressed husband and would have shared that knowledge with everyone else we knew.

Once we had everything straight, we remembered that she had been gone a couple of days, which renewed our interest in each other. The first thing we did was take a long, hot, sexy shower together. I’ve always loved taking a shower with Suzanne. We’ve had some of our best sex while in the shower. We also kind of like bubble baths together and that makes me sound even more like I’m a great candidate to become a full blown cross dressed husband.

After the shower, we fell into bed together and had another great round of mind blowing sex before dosing off for a bit. Later, when we were awake again, we decided to get dressed and go out for an early dinner. Suzanne was wearing this really hot little navy blue number that was form fitting without being slutty. As I was putting on a pair of khakis, she suddenly stopped me.

“I’ve got just the thing for you,” she said as she headed to her dresser. Opening a drawer, she pulled out a pair of fire engine red silk thongs. She threw them to me. “Put these on under your pants.”

“Oh man, no, you’ve got to be kidding, right?”

“Nope,” she said. “If you’re going to behave like a cross dressed husband, you may as well let me help.”

I did wear those thongs out to dinner AND dancing at a club later on. It was kind of a turn on for both of us knowing that I was wearing her thongs. It was so hot, actually, that we had sex again when we got home and we didn’t even make it to the bedroom that time.

The next evening when we got home from work, Suzanne had another surprise waiting for me. She had poured us both a drink and had the computer on with an extra chair in front of it.

“Go get comfortable, and then come back and join me,” she said.

When I saw that she had put a brand new silk blue silk chemise on the bed for me to wear, I knew she was really getting into the whole cross dressed husband scene. I was starting to put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt when she called to me from the den, telling me to just wear only what she had put out for me. So I walked into the den wearing only that chemise. Suzanne looked me up and down and nodded her approval. Then she patted the chair next to her.

“Sit,” she said. “I’ve found something for us to look at.”

That’s when I was introduced to the world of the fascinating website of Suzanne pointed out to me that while these weren’t exactly the same as women’s clothes, there were many items that would allow me to FEEL like I was acting like a cross dressed husband.  In addition to the fun, high quality items she had pointed out to me, there was plenty of eye candy for my wife because of all the hot guys that were modeling them.

Suzanne explained to me that it would be so much easier and discreet to order some of the sexier items from Then, she said that she’d go shopping with me and help me pick out some lingerie that would be just mine. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that because I was torn between feeling a bit odd about the whole thing to being unbelievably excited.

As Suzanne and I went through all of the items at, I began to feel less and less like a cross dressed husband and more like an enlightened and open minded man. Oddly enough, my wife was getting a huge kick out of this and I would never have dreamed that was possible. I had to admit to loving it, though.

Now, that I have my own special section of the closet as well as a dedicated drawer to only my lingerie, my time off always includes coming home to dressing up in a hot and sexy pair of panties. From there, I choose something that really brings out my feminine side. Suzanne usually has some input as what I wear. The important thing is that she’s perfectly fine with me being a cross dressed husband.  In fact, she’s so OK with me doing this that she’s suggested that we might just dress me up completely as a woman one night and go to a club in another city. She even offered to do my makeup and choose a wig for me.

So while I don’t really hang a label on my lifestyle, I have to admit that it’s opened up a lot of new avenues of excitement in our marriage. Suzanne seems to have a bit of an untapped dominance that had never surfaced until my little foray into the realm of becoming a cross dressed husband. We’ve had some of the best sex that we ever dreamed of having. Sometimes, it’s just so hot that we can’t quite believe that it’s us that had that experience.

I would encourage all men to at least give a try because you can find all of the sexy items you can stand all on one website without having to go all the way over to being cross dressed. These are items for MEN. They just FEEL sexy enough to be for a woman.

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Having Fun with Your Cross Dressed Husband

There are many women in marriages these days who harbor a secret. That secret is that they have a cross dressed husband and they help out with transformation. Some wives will even go shopping for their husbands and buy them some pretty, sexy lingerie or stockings. The men married to these women are very lucky indeed. Their wives will help them when it comes to getting advice regarding makeup, wigs, or clothing styles that are most flattering on them. Many of these wives will go so far as to do a bit of cross dressing themselves. They will put on some stylish men’s clothes and go out with their husbands who are dressed as the beautiful women that they feel they are inside. This scene really puts a dazzle on the night as these couples hit clubs arm and arm. Sometimes the wives like to see how many men will hit on their husbands who are wearing their lovely female clothes. It is a bit like a game to these couple. It might be something you find enjoyable.

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